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June 23, 2018

Myanmar’s smoking pipes and blackboards to penetrate international market

A foreigner evaluates a smoking pipe. Photo: Myawady
A foreigner evaluates a smoking pipe. Photo: Myawady

Businessmen in Chaungzon, Mon State are attempting to distribute Myanmar’s smoking pipes and blackboards, which have already caught the attention of many foreigners to the international market.
Mon State Hotels and Tourism ministry will provide the capacity-building so that Myanmar’s smoking pipes and blackboards can more easily enter the international market.
The small-scale businesses will be provided with technical assistance, which is necessary for the quality products to be manufactured. Efforts are being made to make the products from the small enterprises widely marketable, said an official from the ministry.
The smoking pipe and blackboard businesses are on the verge of extinction. Only the makers of smoking pipes which are traditionally passed down from generation to generation continue to manufacture such items. But now some foreigners have become fond of collecting different styles of smoking pipes, giving the traditional industry a new life.—200


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