October 19, 2017

Myanmar’s most urgent issues

Myint Win Thein

Myanmar’s recent elections highlighted a number of urgent needs for the country. Judging from the campaign speeches of political parties, national reconciliation is the most urgent need of all.
When it comes to national reconciliation, most people understand that the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement is an effort toward national reconciliation. However, armed conflicts are only one aspect of national reconciliation. All political, social and economic problems in the country must be settled through dialogue. It is necessary for all political forces to reconcile their differences, including communal conflict. Only then can true national reconciliation take place.
Another issue highlighted by the campaign is the problem of land confiscation. Farmers work the land. When they lose their land, they lose their jobs, too. As farmers make up 75 percent of the population, the lives of the biggest majority of people are jeopardized. Therefore, land issues are immediate problems to be settled.
Yet another urgent issue for Myanmar is corruption. Corruption not only causes a loss of public funds but also undermines the pillars of society, including the rule of law. As a result, it has an impact on the lives of all citizens.
Myanmar has a number of issues that must be resolved immediately, but the aforementioned issues are the most urgent—these are the issues that determined the election results. The abilities of the outgoing and incoming governments to solve these problems will also be decisive in Myanmar’s future elections.


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