January 17, 2018

Myanmar to share puppetry with Singaporean students

A Myanmar puppeteer stages a puppet show at Mandalay Marionette Theatre.
A Myanmar puppeteer stages a puppet show at Mandalay Marionette Theatre.

Myanmar puppeteers will leave for Singapore to share traditional techniques of puppetry with students of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, according to Daw Ma Ma Naing, managing director of the Mandalay Marionette Theatre.
The Singapore’s school of fine arts has requested the marionette theatre to disseminate the knowledge on how to perform the country’s marionettes, she told The Global New Light of Myanmar on Saturday.
A team of Myanmar puppeteers will leave for Singapore on 25 August and train 20 students for three days from 26 to 28 August.
“It is just a three-day training, so we will teach them basic skills in the use of string puppets,” she said, adding that it usually takes one month to learn basic puppetry.
Daw Ma Ma Naing established a Mandalay-based Myanmar Marionette Organization in last August with the aim of promoting the standard of traditional puppetry as well as bringing the country’s folk art back to life.
The organization has so far generated around 20 young puppeteers, with more and more young people showing greater interest in working the puppets.
When asked about its further plans, the marionette organization spoke of its arrangements for two-week courses to be conducted in October in Mandalay. The courses are aimed at attracting young enthusiasts across the country, especially from such far-flung areas as Chin and Kachin states.
A popular form of entertainment and education, Myanmar’s puppet shows depict the differences between good and evil through literature, history and religion.


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