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February 27, 2018

Myanmar to export 515b cubic ft of gas this FY

Yedagun offshore natural gas rig.
Yedagun offshore natural gas rig.

Myanmar is expected to export 515b cubic ft of natural gas this fiscal year while keeping 160.6b cubic ft for local use, according to the second National Development Plan (NDP), reported on Natural Gas
The main Myanmar gas projects; Yadana, Yedagun, Zawtika and Shwe are expected to bring in the lot with 206.2b cubic ft, 73.4b cubic ft, 89.4b cubic ft and 146b cubic ft, respectively. Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) has estimated that the total gas production this fiscal year will reach 689.8b cubic with 14.2b cubic ft from onshore blocks and 574.6b cubic ft from offshore blocks.
The first NDP ended in 2015 in the post-election period, as the first quasi-civilian government’s first term ended. The second NDP will be led by the new National League for Democracy party.
Many international companies have shown interest in assisting Myanmar’s developing oil and gas industry as the country lacks the necessary technology, infrastructure and funding to complete gas and oil exploration around the country.
Recently, The Global New Light of Myanmar reported on a Scottish delegation that visited the country who plans on building closer relations with the foreign and local companies, as well as assisting the development of the country’s oil and gas sector with it’s 2,000 odd supply chains.


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