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March 02, 2018

Myanmar to develop strategy to secure world-heritage status for Bagan

THE international community will better understand the ancient history and cultural status of Myanmar if Bagan is inscribed in the world heritage list, said Deputy Minister for Culture Daw Sandar Khin at a meeting held at the Bagan Archaeological Museum from 14 to 16 October.
The meeting aimed to develop a comprehensive strategy to inscribe Bagan into UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.
Bagan was the first kingdom of Myanmar and lasted between the 11th and 13th centuries. Over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries were constructed during the period. However, only around 2,000 temples and pagodas still survive today.
After the site of Myanmar’s ancient Pyu cities was inscribed in the list, the country has been making efforts to include Bagan as well.
If Bagan is recognised as a world heritage site, systematic measures can be taken to preserve Bagan’s ancient cultural sites, and job opportunities for local people will be created,enabling the country to earn more revenue from tourism.
Ancient Buddhist edifices attract thousands of tourists to Bagan every month.
Participants at the meeting discussed the preservation of landscapes, traditional lacquer art, heritage-oriented administration of the area, coordination of government agencies in Bagan and the development of hotel zones outside the historical site.—Myanmar News Agency


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