December 13, 2017

Myanmar Police Force donates water to communities suffering from water scarcity

Residents collect donated water.
Residents collect donated water.

GROUNDWATER resources are facing depletion throughout the country as the effects of El Niño set in across the country. The Myanmar Police Force has been donating clean water to communities facing water shortages.
On 15 May, members of police forces of Minbu, Myothit, Magwe, Ngape and Minhla townships in Mgawe Region distributed 19,300 gallons of clean water and 1,820 gallons of purified drinking water to local residents, and members of the Pang Long Township Police Station supplied 1,000 gallons of drinking water to people in the township.
The Myanmar Police Force donated 368,572 gallons of clean water between 25 April and 15 May.—Ye Zarni


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