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February 26, 2018

Myanmar plastics industry bound by lack of CMP licenses

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THE Myanmar Plastic Industries Association (MPIA) has voiced it would benefit from the issuing of Cut-Make-Packaging (CMP) licenses in the manner as has been supplied for the country’s garment factory industry.
Myanmar plastic enterprises are currently confined to distribution solely within the domestic market. If domestically produced plastics were permitted to export to foreign markets via a CMP system, it would reportedly increase the amount of tax revenue for the state.
“Foreign investors who enter Myanmar primarily export their domestically produced products back to their countries of origin in lieu of trading them within the country.
Local entrepreneurs should be issued with CMP licenses in a bid to open the doors to foreign markets,” said U Thein Han, vice president of MPIA.
A handful of CMP licenses have reportedly been issued to some plastic entrepreneurs already.
It would be much more convenient for us involved in the plastics industry to work in accordance with a CMP system,” said Dr Maung Maung Lay, a local plastic entrepreneur.
Myanmar annually exports around 3,000 tonnes of plastic to foreign countries, in particular Japan, Sweden and other European countries, it is reported.


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