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February 26, 2018

Myanmar photographer to climb SE Asia’s highest mountain

Mount Hhakabo Razi is located in northern Myanmar and few have successfully reached its summit

Photographer Kyaw Tha stands on Madwel mountain in Kachin State – one of four peaks he climbed this year.
Photographer Kyaw Tha stands on Madwel mountain in Kachin State – one of four peaks he climbed this year.

A MYANMAR photographer called Kyaw Tha will climb Mount Hkakabo Razi (also known as Mount Khakaborazi), the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, without relying on any mountaineering technology in August next year, he told The Global New Light of Myanmar yesterday.
It will be the 38-year-old’s first attempt to reach the summit of Mount Hkakabo Razi, which is located in outlying subrange of the Greater Himalayan mountain system in Myanmar’s Kachin State. The best time of year to attempt the climb is in August, when the snow starts to melt.
Kyaw Tha and skilled locals will attempt to reach the peak by using old paths used by hunters. He estimates that the return journey between the base camp and the peak will last 40 days.
His goal is to capture the beauty of the mountain to share with the public and gain mountaineering experience.
He has already climbed four ice-capped mountains in Putao, Kachin State this year — including Phonganrazi (11,500 ft), Phonrinrazi (13,800 ft), Phongranrazi (15,000 ft) and Madwel (15,000 ft).
Snow-capped Mount Hkakabo Razi is estimated to be 5,900 metres high. In 1996, Japanese citizen Takeshi Ozaki and Namar Johnson of Myanmar were the first people to reach the mountain’s summit. Last year, video footage of two Myanmar climbers circulated on the internet, however they disappeared during the descent and were never seen again. A Chinese and Italian rescue team spent weeks searching for the missing climbers, before ultimately calling off attempts to find them following extended periods of bad weather.
Kyaw Tha hails from Keng Tong in eastern Shan State and said he wants to prove that climbing Mt Kharkaborazi is possible.


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