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September 21, 2018

Myanmar National Literary Award for General Knowledge(English)

Terrence Tan.
Terrence Tan.

Ancient Jewelry of Myanmar from Prehistory to Pyu Period is the book for which Terrence Tan was awarded the Myanmar National Literary Award. The literature deals with the popular gold and bead jewelry of the Prehistoric and Pyu Periods as well as the evolution of ornaments and fashion.
‘I have been obsessed with ancient jewelry since childhood. Myanmar, as far as I know, was rich in culture even from the Prehistoric period and the Pyu era. Despite the fact that literature evolved from the Pyu era, translation and decoding of many of the records and writings were not feasible. The Bagan Period was when literature fully developed and records were more accessible. That is the reason why a line was drawn between the Prehistory, Pyu and the Bagan periods. This book deals with the first part. I want to make this period come to light from where it had been in the shade for centuries. That is why I have spent almost 20 years, travelling and collecting data from all over the country. I have tried to publish my work from time to time but I felt there were still some more out there and my work was incomplete. Thus the 20 years. The entire work, of which this awarded honour is the first part, deals with the evolution of design technology throughout the many historical periods. It would be worth all the hardships and time, should my work become a reference for those who take an interest in Archaeology. My work also targets awareness of the rich culture of Myanmar by the international community.
At the moment, Terrence Tan is working as a part time lecturer at the Yangon University and Pyay Archaeology Training School. Every now and then he is invited to deliver speeches and lectures on Archaeology at institutions abroad such as the Yale University, the Havard University, the Oxford University and many others.


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