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June 24, 2018

Myanmar labor attachè in Thailand meets Thailand-based Labor Organizations

Myanmar labour attachè posing for a group photo with Thai officials.
Myanmar labour attachè posing for a group photo with Thai officials.

ACCORDING to U Khaing in-charge Phuket office of Myanmar Employees Website, the Myanmar Embassy’s labour attachè U Moe Aung Khaing met with Thailand departmental officials and labour organisations at the office of social welfare and the office of maternity and child care of Phuket, southern Thailand on Friday.
Present at the interview were members of Myanmar Employees’s Webside(Phuket), Foundation for Education and Development, Good Shepherd Shelter for Hope, DISAC, MNP, and Maternity and Childcare Association, it is said.
U Moe Aung Khaing disclosed, “I will submit to the authority concerned at the bilateral meeting on labour affairs, the matter of Myanmar, employees holding medical insurance certificates, having to pay extra charges to hospitals. Plus other needs will be fulfilled in consultation with the ambassador. The embassy is always ready and willing to help the needs of labour organisations.”
U Khaing, in-charge of Phuket office, Myanmar Employees Website, also said at the meeting, “To our great elation, we received wholehearted help of our ambassador in carrying out the wellbeing of Myanmar workers.”
Through the arbitration, unpaid wages for 18 Myanmar labourers were recovered, and 50 per cent of the wages for 8 workers are to be disbursed in Thailand amounting to 42,000 Bahts with the remaining wages to be paid in a month.



Soe Win


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