February 08, 2017

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Myanmar International Cooperation Agency to be abolished

Myanmar International Cooperation Agency, which has been criticised for not having been established in accordance with the law and has managed state-owned assets and factories since its establishment, was voted for abolishment at Amyotha Hluttaw yesterday.
The decision comes after the issue was put to a vote yesterday at the parliament following clarification over the issue by the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.
The ministry is currently taking measures to abolish MICA and to take over the assets from the agency, said the deputy minister.
It is still necessary to get permission from the Union Government to abolish the agency, he added.
The proposal was submitted in December 2016 by MP Naw Christ Tun, also known as Dr Akar Moe of Constituency-7 from Kayin State.
MPs debated the issue on Monday, suggesting to abolish the agency and to operate it under the Union Government in order to promote the country’s economy.
When MP Naw Christ Tun put forward the issue to the parliament in December, she called for ensuring greater transparency of the ways MICA does business and handles profits.
She also suggested abolition of MICA, whose stated aim is to boost fish and meat production and to assist in food sufficiency for the country, but it has not brought benefits to the people.
She also called for transparency in its management of state-owned factories, firms and lands without permission of the Union Government. She urged the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation to make the agency’s financial management transparent.
The agency was established with 34 officials and 70 staff members, according to the meeting resolution 13/2014 of the Union Government on 3 July 2014.
According to the debate at the parliament in December last year, the MICA had taken over 48 farms owned by the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, 64.54 acres in Danyingon, 17 fishery-related property and more than 90 acres owned by the Insein Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department.
Amyotha Hluttaw also discussed correct mapping and land record management. Members of the Parliament raised queries on a single-mapping system, a rural/urban land record project, a farmland registration long-term project, action plans to farm lands which are against the Forest and Pasture Land Act 2012, correct mapping and land record management and re-digging and restoration of a silting creek to the original area in Paung of Mon State.
The Parliament discussed amendment of draft law for Union of Myanmar Exam Board Law 1973.— GNLM


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