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January 16, 2019

We must remove false allegations with truth

  • In regard to the events in Rakhine State which took place recently, most Myanmar nationals and those who always study carefully and objectively analyze the actual situations in Myanmar will understand the true situation of what actually happened there.
    Presently, most countries, some people and organizations failed to make a fair and objective assessment of the recent events in Rakhine State. Some countries tried to intervene in the internal affairs of Myanmar based on fake news and false allegations.
    As regards their interventions, their stock reply is just to repeat humanitarianism and violation of human rights. Instead of helping to solve problems, their actions are like adding fuel to the burning flame. Those who are making false allegations and blaming Myanmar are in fact one-sided and biased. It is not strange that certain institutions representing many nations are totally biased as well. Though they will usually neglect the truth and come out strongly in favor of the refugees with their self-proclaimed name, we feel that we should respond to these false allegations so that the truth can be made known to the world.
    As a matter of fact, the Rakhine State affair is not an issue between religion and race. It was the consequence which resulted from fabricated stories of dishonest people. Very recently, in an interview made by the India-based news website—Scroll in, Bertil Lintner, a Swedish journalist who have specialized on Myanmar affairs for many years made some very reasonable and objective conclusions regarding the recent events in the Rakhine State.
    On August 25, ARSA extremist terrorists attacked 30 border police outposts in Rakhine State. Later, a spoke-person for ARSA said in an interview that the attacks were aimed to invoke a response. These attacks were made to gain international attention and to get more money from funders in West Asia, mainly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Another reason is to encourage many more angry young men to join them. And, he disclosed that all three aims had been achieved as expected.
    Now we all know very well that the last attack was launched by ARSA extremist terrorists intentionally. Undeniably, local nationals, Hindus and Muslims suffered a great deal in terms of loss of lives and property. Those victims were just pieces on the chessboard played by ARSA extremists.
    Yet, those who are trying to hide the truth will never reveal their evil plans or wicked designs. Instead they are repeatedly shouting out aloud at the top of their voices, words like humanitarianism and violation of human rights to suit their agendas. Therefore, we must also find out the truth and put an end to these false allegations.


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