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June 24, 2018

MPs meet with residents aggrieved by Dawei SEZ

The MP meets local residents aggrieved by Dawei Special Economic Zone.
The MP meets local residents aggrieved by Dawei Special Economic Zone.

TANINTHARYI Region Hluttaw MPs met with residents from Yebyu Township, living in the parameters of the proposed deep seaport, in Payadet village of Nabule region on Thursday.
The meeting was arranged out of a desire to understand the difficulty of residents from the 11 villages from Nabule region that fall within the area of the deep seaport. “We haven’t been given loans for agricultural expenses since 2011 as our villages lie within the boundaries of the deep seaport area. We can’t plant trees anymore. We’re not able to fill out our household registers. We’re also not issued with Form 10 anymore; the residents having to live within this zone is just like living within a prison,” said U Kyaw Win from Payadet village.
Unable to engage in agricultural activities, residents tried their hand at fishing, but this proved unsuccessful as large near shore fishing vessels ploughed their waters, hauling in the lion’s share of the catch. There is a need to work for holding those who violate the oceans law to account, while the arrival of the rainy season has caused problems traversing the region’s roads. “We’ve already presented some of the matters to our superiors. We’ll also present to government that issues we’ve learned from the talks and work so that action can be taken as soon as possible. Since this is a government installed by the people, we’ll work for the benefit of the people.” said U Hla Htwe, Hluttaw MP for Yebyu Township.
This meeting between local residents and Hluttaw MPs is reportedly the first of its kind, while the statements of local residents have allegedly been taken note of with efforts underway to resolve their grievances accordingly.
The meeting was attended by a total of two Hluttaw MPs and over a hundred local residents.
The Dawei Special Economic Zone (DSEZ) was declared its status in January 2014 and comprises an area of 196 square kilometers.
In regard to the special economic zone law, the DSEZ committee is in charge of zone administration. The Dawei Speical Economic Zone Company Limited is providing financial assistance, while the MIE Company Limited has finished implementing basic infrastructural development, including that of the deep seaport, on 27 square kilometers of land (2,700 hectares).


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