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March 01, 2018

MPF moves to combat water scarcity

Policemen seen distributing water to the locals.
Policemen seen distributing water to the locals.

THE Myanmar Police Force reports that it has been exerting great efforts to combat the drought currently gripping certain regions of the country, supplying water to affected peoples suffering drinking and bathing water scarcity.
Service personnel from police stations in Paung and Bilin townships in Mon State began distributing water to drought affected areas in the two townships on 24 April. So far, more than 252,346 gallons of water has been delivered to people in those townships, according to the local police force.
Meanwhile, members of the police force in Toungoo Township distributed water to two villages with the use of a 3,200-gallon water bowser on Friday.
More than 500 people from the two villages are suffering from water scarcity since mid-April.


Police Information Unit


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