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March 03, 2018

More policemen deployed in northern Rakhine

Police sentry tower being seen.
Police sentry tower being seen.

More border guard policemen will be deployed for the security of the area in Rakhine State, with concurrently local ethnic youths to be allowed to serve as regional members of the police force, it is learnt.
A high-ranking official of Myanma Police Force said, “Any one wishing to defend their land and gain peace and stability of the area will be allowed to join the police force as regional members. They are required to have their names enlisted and to undergo prescribed trainings. After training, they will be provided with salaries, provisions and fringe benefits.”
Ethnic youths aged 18 to 35 will be accepted as trainees. Training camps will be in Sittwe and Maungtaw townships only. After courses they will be deployed in their locations.
He added, “In performing area clearance operations and tasks of security enforcement, defending people’s depredation is the highest on the totem pole of our aims and we are carrying out in accord with international standard.” In exercising force for area clearance, four matters are focused at being in accord with the law, taking accountability, being adjustable and using only the amount needed.


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