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October 19, 2018

Monsoon paddy harvested in Rakhine State by Agricultural Mechanization Department

Farmers harvest rice using machine in a paddy field. Photo: MNA
Farmers harvest rice using machine in a paddy field. Photo: MNA

Areas of Rakhine State that were affected by terrorist attacks were facing difficulties in harvesting monsoon rice, prompting the Agricultural Mechanisation Department to deploy harvesters.
A total of 5,714 acres in Myothugyi, Ohntaw, Kanpu, Kyaungtaung, Alethankyaw, Nwayonetaung, Wah Cha, Tandar, Myinloat Kyikanpyin, Thihokyaung, U Daung, Laungdon, Aung Sit Pyi, Sabaegone, Thapyaytaw, Zawmatat, Dohtan, Yawthitkay, Kyaukpadu, Tat U Chaung, Duchiyarton, Thayaygonton, Thawanchaung and Ngkuya villages in Maungtaw township were harvested from 26 October to 6 December.
Rice fields in seven village groups of Sittway such as Chaungnwe, Partalat, Thinganet, Kywitay, Kankawkyoung, Mingan and Naryeekan villages were reaped with machineries and it is learnt from the Department of Mechanized Farming that an estimated 395 acres were finished from 30 October to 6 December.
Similarly, 500 acres in Pyahla, Hsinyoshae, Myatyeikkyoung, Gwasone, LayHnyinthar, Youtchaung, Ahlaezay and Theinnyo villages from Mrauk U Township were harvested from 5 November to 6 December.
Also, 253 acres in Htaungshae, Kinseik, Mawywa, Pharpyaw, Taung Thaik, Ngapukwa and Winzar villages, and U Soe Tint ward from Minbya Township were harvested from 7 November to 6 December, it is learnt.
A further 352 acres in Phonenar, Lanmadaw, Daungtawyoe, Kardi, Saphothar, Ahpoukwa and Garpu villages from Kyauktaw township were harvested from 8 November to 6 December while 282 acres in Chinkharlein and Khotone villages from Yathittaung township was harvested from 8 November to 6 December. And 96 acres in Thapyuchaung village from Buthidaung township was harvested from 10 November to 6 December, it is learnt.—Myanmar News Agency


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