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February 28, 2018

MOHS steps up healthcare in Naga Self-Administrative Zone

AThe Ministry of Health and Sports has assigned a team of 10 infectious disease specialists and military medical staff to provide treatment to patients suspected of the measles in a bid to prevent the spread of the disease in Sagaing Region.
A couple of weeks ago, an outbreak of measles claimed dozens of lives, mostly children, in Htankhawlamar village, Lahal township.
The health workers administered vaccination against measles, which is highly contagious during its incubation period.
According to the ministry, a total of 1,614 children under 15 years of age have been vaccinated in Htankhawlamar village and its 10 surrounding villages.
To reinforce the fight against the infectious disease, the Public Health Department has also sent 15 specialists to the region. The mobile medical teams have now given treatment to 1,167 patients in villages.
The ministry has pledged to speed up its healthcare services in the Naga Self-Administrative Zone by laying down short- and long-termed plans.
The health workers in the region are now engaged in providing maternal and child care and administering vaccinations against tuberculosis, malaria, HIV and other infectious diseases.
The short-term plan will include a special immunisation programme in Leshi, Lahal and Nanyun townships in cooperation with the WHO and the UNICEF. Under a comprehensive health development plan, the ministry will appoint more health staff and provide training to local health workers and midwives.
As part of its long-term plan, the Ministry of Health and Sport will cooperate with the Ministry of Education and other institutions in the enhancement of the capacity of health workers there. —Myanmar News Agency


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