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October 19, 2018

Message of Greetings sent to the 2017 Literary Conference by State Counsellor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Dear respected literati and guests who love literature,
I send my greetings to all writers, poets, editors, publishers, literary scholars and literature lovers who are present at today’s literary conference held under the sponsorship of 11 Myanmar language societies. I send heartfelt prayers that all of you will be blessed with auspiciousness.
Since people love literature, film, music and all kinds of art, they have great influence over human society. Especially, literature has the ability to change people’s hearts, broaden the general knowledge, intellect and visions of every individual. Hence, we firmly believe that the development of the literary sector of a nation is of great help to national development.
Now is the time when we are working hand in hand together with the people for building up a peaceful and developed federal democratic nation as hoped for by all our citizens. Meanwhile, we will have to overcome various kinds of internal and external challenges. At such a time, I would like to say that literary workers play an important role in producing literature of excellence for the intellectual and spiritual development of our citizens who will work for the emergence of the Union.
At today’s literary conference which was attended by over 1000 literary workers, more than 50 titles will be freely discussed in accord with the theme, “Free literature, free voices.” I believe and hope that following free discussions, excellent programmes which will help the development of Myanmar literature will emerge and also help in national development and that good programmes and guidelines will emerge. Here, I wish to remind that “Freedom does not mean speaking and writing without discretion in a callous manner.”
Furthermore, I believe that literary workers will not only produce good literature that can develop people’s knowledge and intellects but also join in, lead and provide guidance by using the power of their literary art for peace, democracy and national development.
May the literary conference be successful!—Unofficial Translation


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