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March 02, 2018

Many a true word is spoken in jest

There is a traditional belief in our country that things will start to go wrong when amoral customs are endemic. Accordingly, legend has it that floods, fires, storms, thieves and inhumane rulers are deemed the five conventional public enemies. These disasters have a tendency to have a negative impact on people.
From the religious point of view, throwing insults at someone superior in virtue or something sacred will undoubtedly set off ill consequences. A glance is enough to convince us that our country is now experiencing disasters which are unheard of before. It is, therefore, imperative that we should all assuage our guilty conscience. The time has come for all of us to awaken to the realisation that the prevention of these disasters is a national concern which demands a shared responsibility with a strong sense of community spirit. Nobody can be left behind in this process for the simple reason that warding off these enemies stresses the need for a more inclusive public participation.
Nobody in their right minds will dare to get a ride in a car to be driven by a person who does not know how to drive at all. After all, many a true word is spoken in jest. Now is not the time for us to abandon ourselves to despair. It is time for us to take up the courage to come together to abandon what is sending us into the depths of this despair.


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