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February 27, 2018

Mandalay youths crowd canals to cool off

Young people congregate in the canals to cool off.
Young people congregate in the canals to cool off.

CANALS that make up the Sedawgyi irrigation network in Mandalay Region are crowded with urban residents during the summer, locals say.
In order to prevent heat-related illness and reduce sweating during the hot weather, people from downtown Mandalay visit the canals in Zeechogon, Yehwet, Yekyi, Shintawgon and Igyi villages in Patheingyi Township,especially at night. Most of the canal bathers are young adults.
“We normally visit the canal in Zechogon Village at around 5pm every weekend to swim,” a visitor said. Villagers have begun renting swimming equipment to the canal visitors, doubling some villagers’ incomes.
Summer temperatures can reach 43 degrees centigrade in Mandalay, according to the Meteorology and Hydrology Department.



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