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June 22, 2018

Mandalay to fight to curb betel chewing

A vendor makes betel for chewing. Photo: Aung Thant Khaing
A vendor makes betel for chewing. Photo: Aung Thant Khaing

Measures will be taken in a step by step to campaign to eliminat betel chewing by Mandalarians, according to Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC).
MCDC is set to start making a list of betel stalls around the city as a first step of the campaign as of April 20, said the committee.
I am a betel chewer but I will kick the bad habit for my health, said U Soe Tint Aung, head of sanitation branch of the MCDC, adding that undisciplined betel juice spitting tarnishes the image of the city.
The first step is set to cover sellers including betel leaf and nut wholesalers and roadside betel stalls before launching the second step of educative campaign to heighten public awareness of diseases caused by betel chewing.
During the second step, efforts will be made to stop imports of goods related to betel quid and prescribed periods will be set to educate and take action against betel chewers.
The third step is to honour those who took part in the fight against chewing of betel quid in Mandalay.
The MCDC is set to cooperate with organizations concerned including the police force, general administration department, health department, education department, agriculture department and commerce department including civil society organizations. It is required not only to educate people but also to create alternative businesses for those involved with betel-related businesses, said Daw Moe Moe, a local.—Aung Thant Khaing


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