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June 07, 2018

Mandalay Royal Palace to become Historical Park

The Mandalay Palace, Ancient city of Innwa, also known as Mya-Nan-San-Kyaw-Shwe-Nan-Taw.

To attract more tourists, Mya-Nan-San-Kyaw-Shwe-Nan-Taw, Mandalay Royal Palace, Ancient city of Innwa and the three forts, Thabyaytan fort, Servant fort and Sin Kyone fort will be transformed into a Historical Park, according to Myanmar Tourism Federation.
Discussion and negotiation will be made with Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture to be able to create the Historical Park.
“Creating new places of interest to visit is beneficial for tourism, but features of historical interests are needed to attract local and foreign travellers,” said a tourist guide.
Surveys are currently made to make market promotion, open gift shops and setup rest areas. Discussion for the project will be made with the respective Ministries according to Myanmar Tourism Federation.
Currently, entrance fees for foreigners cost
Ks 10,000 each and Ks 200 for local visitors. Nearly 180,000 foreign travellers visited in 2016.




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