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June 23, 2018

Mandalay CSOs demand licences for hearses

CIVIL society organisations (CSOs) in Mandalay have requested that the regional government grant licences for hearses as the number of CSOs is increasing.
“They can grant according to the policy adopted by the Union government,” said a responsible person from the Mandalay Road Transportation Administration Department (RTAD).
“The RTAD will issue number plates if the Union government allows them to grant more licences across the nation. Mandalay has only 37 per cent of hearses with HSE numbers. We have to submit requests to the government,” he added.
The RTAD has granted HSE numbers to CSOs for hearses that are long enough to carry dead bodies, that bear the name and address of the organisation and the word neikban yin (Hearse) printed on four sides of the vehicles. The point size of the words has also been prescribed by the department.
“There might be cases of hearses being used for other illegal purposes by taking advantage of HSE number plates because some authorities let vehicles go if emergency alarm is switched on,” said a Mandalay resident.
HSE registration is intended for carrying dead bodies, not for patients. There were between 795 and 1,840 HSE vehicles in Mandalay out of a total of 4,985 HSE vehicles across Myanmar in 2014.


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