September 24, 2017

Locals rob forestry staff of logs

Logs tooked by thelocal robbers
Logs tooked by thelocal robbers

OFFICIALS and staff of the Taikkyi Forestry Department seized illegal logs in a field near Wun Kait village, Taikkyi town on Saturday. The forestry staff found four carts carrying the logs.They also found 66 teak logs hidden inside a straw dump.
Forestry staff put the illegal logs onto a vehicle to move them to a secure location.  Over 20 villagers from Wun Kait village arrived to the vehicle with knives and sticks.
They looted the logs from the vehicle and returned to their village. Forestry staff informed local police. The police have filed charges and taken action against the villagers.


Tun Hlaing (Myine)


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