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March 01, 2018

List of civilian murdered in Maungtaw District (2016 October to 2017 June 27)

15/10/2016Maung Maung Soe (@) YuNaMyaUShalKya Village1Died from 12 stab wounds in the home of Kaphartula in the same village.
Mahmat TharliUShalKya Village1Died from 19 stab wounds
Under InvestigationMyoThuGyi Village1A rotting corpse was found 14 stab wounds in a sewer canal near the 14 milepost near MyoThuGyi Village
Jamar @ Fawma HusoonGawduthara (West)1Died from stab wounds to the neck near a basic primary school
Dus Mahmat @ YuNaMyaNgarKhuRa (Middle) Village1Answered honestly to reporters’ questions. Head missing and stab wounds to both legs.
RafiYayThwinKyun Village1Died from stab wounds to stomach and neck
SweDuArmiLinbarkonenar Village1Died from stab wounds to the neck, found near a creek.
Sunta Ahmed, Mahmet Shawfi and Mahmet ZubaiDoneKalar Village3Padakar New Village Adminstrator Mahmet Nuhr reported their disappearance. All three were found with stab wounds to the head.
Zawkee AhmedPyaungPike Village1Died from stab wounds to the body near Pazun Lake after withdrawing provisions
IdrisPazun Lake near Gwasone Village1Was ambushed and stabbed by 10 men while on his way to a meeting in YaykhatChaung Village
AduSaleemKyarKaungTaung Village1Was killed during violent attacks and the body buried in the enclosure
Mahmet KarseinShwezar GoneNar Village1On 23 February he was on his way home with a friend after watching a football match when four men led by NuraLaung tied a longyi around his neck and hung him till he died
Htun Thar MaungKyaukSarTine (Rakhine) Village1On 24 February he and his friend, Aung Kyaw Sein, were attacked by 3 assailants near TaryayKoneBaung Village. Aung Kyaw Sein suffered stab wounds to his back and Htun Thar Maung was found dead with stab wounds to the neck and back
NuhrKarinKyeeKanPyin Village1On 1 March 2017, 4 masked men kidnapped him and he was found dead in a field near the village
Zarmar HusseinSinOhPyin Village1Was found near MaungGyiTaung Village with multiple stab wounds
Mahmet SawliAhtetKweKyoMaw Village, Buthidaung Tsp1He was on his way to Kadi (2) village with Head of ten households AbulaShein when six men including Mahmet Innus and AbulaShein attacked with knives and sticks
SoliMulla, ThandarMyarPunthi (North) Village2He disappeared on 15 March after driving cattles to graze and was found dead the next day with stab wounds to the head and neck in a sewer canal near the roadside
ShivaliMyoma Ward, Buthidaung Township1Shival left his house on 21 March to visit his in-laws in Migyaung Kaungswe Village and disappeared. His body was found in KalarPanzin creek with wounds all over his body
HamidDullhaWard (2) Tinmay Village (10)1He was asleep in his home when 7 masked men led by a person named Rafi broke into the house and beat and stabbed him to death
AnniwaAshadMyinLut Village East Ward1He was called out of his home by two men and when he did not return, a search party found him dead from stab wounds in a lentil plantation to the east of Ward (5)
RafiBogyiChaung Village, Buthidaung Township1GuraSudin, age 45, and 3 men attacked Rafi with axes and knives
AmiAliPhwayYar Village110 masked men dragged him out of his home and attacked him with knives
Mahmet PhwayYawMaungGyiTaung Village, Buthidaung Tsp15 masked men kidnapped him and he was found dead from stab wounds near DarpineSayar Village
Mahmet AhlemTawinChaung Village1The body was found 300 yards to the east of the village. A bullet with the serial code KF-7 was found near the body.
AhraUllaTawinChaung Village1A local gang kidnapped and killed him near MayuValley
NoruSalemKyaungTaung Village-Tract1Around 50 men in black masks and clothes dragged him out of his house and killed him 30 yards from his home
TahalMigyaung Kaungswe Village, Buthidaung Tsp1He was killed by a gang of men near a bridge in InchaungZay Village
ShaungShuAhlaung @ Kyaw SweYayTwinPin Village1He was kidnapped by 50 men and was found dead and tied up near Barkhumar Valley
NuhAhmeinYwarthitKay Village1He was asleep in his home when 15 unknown men kidnapped him and killed him near Pazun lake.
AbuNarselGaungNyar Village1When he didn’t return from a visit to his friend’s house, a search party found him dead from stab wounds near a creek to the east of the village
HarbiZuGutapyin Village, Buthidaung Tsp1He was ambushed by 5 masked men after returning home from sentry duty and was stabbed
AbuHarsheinKaungTakar Village110 masked men ambushed him in his home and attacked with knives. His son received one stab wounds and his 5-year old daughter received wounds to the head.
APhwayYasMyoThuGyi Village1He was asleep in his home when 3 masked men attacked him with knives. His two sisters and son also received stab wounds
U Aung KyawTashein Village1Four villagers including him went on a turtle search and two of them were kidnappped and killed by a violent gang
3526/6/2017Ko Ko TheinTashein Village1One of the two villagers who went on a turtle search and were kidnappped and killed by a violent gang


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