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February 27, 2018

Let’s stop abusing Facebook

Facebook can be used in various ways. Some people use it only for social dealings. Some use it to advertise their businesses. Some use it to disseminate knowledge. These kinds of uses benefit the online community.
Unfortunately, some use it to spread hatred. There is no benefit in such use of it. It can even be dangerous for society.
One of the best ways to use Facebook or indeed the internet in general is is to expose injustice through it. However, only a few use it in such a way. Recently a girl of eight being abused in a house in Yangon was exposed by a facebook user.
The facebook user posted photographs of the girl being abused by a woman together with the address of the house. The police and the media rushed to rescue the girl but the child and her tormentor had already disappeared. It is expected that the police will rescue the girl and action will be taken against the abuser soon. Another facebook user posted detainees being abused in a place said to be a police station. It is also expected that authorities will take action against the abuser.
Nevertheless, it shows one of the ways to expose injustice and to use Facebook most beneficially. Facebook is an opportunity for citizen journalists to make the world a better place to live in.
Facebook users should use it to expose injustice instead of spreading hatred.


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