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March 02, 2018

Let’s be mindful of our reason for existence

Life is short. It is shorter for those who sleep a lot. It is worth remembering that even if a person sleeps eight hours a day as recommended by physicians he is spending one third of his life span sleeping.
According to UN reports, the life expectancy is between 60 and 80, depending upon the country’s being developed or developing or underdeveloped. In this regard, the life span should be between 74 and 75 according to Buddhism. In the days of the Gotama Buddha, the life span was 100 for the human beings. Now, with the passage of around 2600 years or so, the life expectancy should be more than 74 years. According to Lord Buddha, our life span should decrease one year for one century. However, all people cannot live up to their full span of life because it also depends upon other factors like the weather, the food we eat etc not to mention the abrupt deaths caused by accidents and natural disasters.
As life is too short, we cannot be too lazy, wasting our precious time. To make our lives worth living, we need to bring benefit to our society as well as to do the virtuous deeds for our next existences if you believe in the rounds of rebirth. We ought to ponder over why we have come into this abode of humans. In fact, our abode or our plane of existence is the best of all 31 abodes because we can perform meritorious deeds by all three volitional activities – physical, verbal and mental whereas those beings from the remaining 30 abodes cannot say prayers, count the rosary beeds or pay homage to the Buddha, His teachings and His disciples through the use of the faculties they are not possessed with.
In fact, the life of a devout Buddhist is meaningful only when he is pious, performs the meritorious deeds, shares the merit thus gained, leads a right livelihood, refrains from committing sins, observes the Five Precepts daily, keeps Eight Precepts on Sabbath days and meditates from time to time. This being so, it will be very difficult to become a pious Buddhist. Bearing this in mind, we as Buddhists should not be forgetful of why we were born on this earth as human beings. The Global New Light of Myanmar would, therefore, like to remind all Buddhists to spend their time wisely and rightly in order that they will become valuable persons for their society and can bring forward the good Karmic effects to the existences to come until they attain nibbana or nirvana.


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