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March 02, 2018

Let your name be your fame

Nothing in the world is as certain as death. We are sure to leave something behind when we die. So it is important to carve our good names on the hearts of others known and unknown alike.
Most importantly, it should be noted that a single bad deed is powerful enough to dilute all good deeds we have performed throughout our lives. Another important thing to remember is that the evil we commit lives after us. It is the good that is buried in our bones.
From the religious point of view, our days are numbered. In the short span of our lives, we should not spend precious time arguing over small stuff. Instead, we should put our efforts into the betterment of all mankind. It is necessary for us to understand that what we leave behind when we take our last breath is not in our possessions, but in how we live.
In this age, it has become a lot easier to shoot to wealth through wicked means. Unfortunately, growing numbers of people these days have come to associate power with wealth and fame.
What we do and how we live before death will determine how we will be remembered after death. After all, we would only have ourselves to blame if our names were mud.


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