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December 13, 2018

Let us work in relays for national reconciliation and Union peace!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • During the two-year-period after the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement was signed, the Union Peace Conference—21st Panglong had been convened for two times. Now preparations are under way to successfully resume its 3rd Conference very soon.
    The ultimate goal of the political negotiations by convening the Peace Conferences is the emergence of a Federal Union as hoped by all after complete cessation of internal armed conflicts. So as to reach the destination there are many processes to be performed. Out of them, the first-ever one is none other than taking part in the signing of the nationwide ceasefire agreement.
    It is of great importance to lay down fundamental principles on federalism based on common political agreements achieved from political negotiations at different levels after signing the NCA. So, efforts are initially being made for the successful convening of the NCA and political dialogues. It is the most important thing to have enough time, to thoroughly discuss and to gain mutual trust among all participants. Likewise, pure minds and unadulterated intentions are important for national reconciliation.
    As there are still some armed ethnic groups left to sign the NCA, the Union Government has repeatedly said that the Union Government would always welcome the remaining groups with open arms to come to the negotiation table.
    The State Counsellor has also said that the international political situation was always changing, and that national unity was the most important for any country to stand tall among the other countries of the world.
    Only if there was national reconciliation and peace, will national unity be strong. A federal union can be built up through national unity. To do so, all armed national ethnic groups need to take part in signing the NCA. Now we are required to make concerted efforts for the remaining groups left to sign to join with firm determination. We hereby invite our brethren to promptly join for the sake future generations. We all need to leave a brighter future for them.
    The NCA is one of the important milestones of the political road map. Only upon completion of it, other important processes can be performed such as drawing a fundamental framework of federalism, convening national-level political dialogues, convening the Union Peace Conference and performing other important processes. If the UPDJC, the most important process for bringing about Union Peace can strictly and enthusiastically make efforts, political strength will become stronger.
    Now that efforts for all-inclusive participation according to the steps included in the peace process are being made, we hope that the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong Third Session would be held very soon. We also hope that the work of laying down the fundamental principles, the foundation for building up the Federal Union would be completed by 2018. Accordingly, we hereby urge to hand over the task of National Reconciliation and Union Peace to younger generations as instructed by the State Counsellor so that our country would be able to stand tall in the midst of the world as a country no one dares to insult for the youths of today will become the future citizens of Myanmar.


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