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February 27, 2018

Let Us Green Our Arid Region Urgently!

  • Khin Maung Oo 
  • Today, we are hearing people saying the words—global warming, thinning of ozone layer and climate changes. Being born in the arid zone, Central Myanmar, we had ever had a severe weather, scorching heat and drought, more than those living in other areas. A scarcity of water resources had been dreadful. There seems to be an element of hyperbole in such a claim that it was very difficult to extinguish a fire outbreak in a village of our township due to lack of water once in the past, to be exact some 50 years ago. Under these circumstances they would not even have imagined to grow trees and plants. To put it simply, any ideas would not have occurred to them that they should have grown and planted to make their environment green.
    After a 13-year hiatus, I happened to pay a visit to my native town. On my way to my native land, I had a chance to glance at the environment along the route, as if I am watching a drive-in movie. Though we felt cool in the air-con bus, the scenes before us make dull, making us feel pitiful for their living on the dry and open land. Just before my thinking ended that I would indulge myself in taking a luxurious relax in my rural homeland we arrived at the destination, receiving a welcome with a burning heat. I came to notice there have been tube wells each in their bare yards. Compared to previous situations, they have developed in everything, but sorrowfully enough, they have not yet conceived an idea they have been required to create their areas with trees and plants.
    Greening our land is not the task the government alone must implement. The government has provided necessary subsidies for the acquisition of water across the nation. At the time when the whole world including Myanmar is calling for greening the world, our environment, we should not condone it.
    Through TVs and websites, we can see some parts of the world facing threatening challenges of severe weather changes. Nowadays, civil societies in the country, NGOs & INGOs are helping the government’s activities for fighting against natural disasters. We must avert our attention to individually grow a plant to save our world, without blaming any longer that these were attributed to ultra-opportunists’ excessive greed, that is, uncontrolled cutting down of all forests in the country. We ourselves must know the values of tree and simultaneously educate our people by sharing knowledge on environment and greening our environment. Trees can give shade, keep rains and help to provide water for drinking and for other uses. Mangroves can also hinder the impact of natural disasters, especially storms. And, we have known that excessive use of plastic can cause global warming.
    So, we should take part in the campaigns for reduction of plastic use. Provided that greening our environment goes uncared knowingly that it is of great importance, it will be tantamount to self-destruction of our world. In answer to our acquisition of knowledge on trees, let us turn our minds to green our environment and our arid zone, from now on!


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