July 06, 2017

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Lay a deeper foundation for peace

The government signed a nationwide ceasefire agreement with eight ethnic armed groups in October this year. There are other ethnic armed groups that have not signed the truce. In addition, many technical issues for the ceasefire agreement are still under discussion. Therefore, it can be said that the ceasefire agreement remains incomplete. As a result, fighting is continuing in some areas of the country, despite the fact that the military pledged not to launch offensives against any ethnic groups, regardless of whether they have signed the truce deal.
However, some analysts, referring to the signing of the NCA, have said that the foundation for peace has been laid. However it is too early to say so because the NCA is just one step of many needed to settle differences through peaceful means.  Division and differences between ethnic groups must be reconciled through dialogue.
Inequality between ethnic groups in Myanmar has led to divisions and a civil war that is considered the world’s longest. Therefore, the outcome of political dialogue should be a consensus that equality and self-determination for all ethnic groups is the only foundation for peace. These outcomes must be duly promulgated in the constitution. Only then can it be said that the foundation for peace has been permanently laid.


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