September 24, 2017

Landslide stricken Lashio-Muse highway reopened

Trucks are seen an the Lashio-Muse highway. Photo: Myitmakha News Agency
Trucks are seen an the Lashio-Muse highway. Photo: Myitmakha News Agency

THE Lashio-Muse Union Highway, which was temporary closed on Monday morning after landslides struck a section in northern Shan State’s Hsenwi Township, has been reopened recently.
The landslide, which struck below the level of the road, was the result of continual torrents of water streaming down off the mountainside during four days of consecutive downpours.
After the landslide was reported, Lashio’s toll-gate was immediately closed so that urgent repairs could be made to mitigate further congestion backlogs.
Repair efforts to create a temporary one-lane diversion to the section of the road hit by the landslides, by laying a series of rocks, was reportedly completed at 5pm yesterday, allowing traffic coming from both directions to alternately traverse along the section of highway.
Prior to being reopened, roughly 400 hundred vehicles coming up from Lashio were reportedly queued up along the stretch of highway behind the landslide, waiting for the road to reopen.
“We haven’t finished building a steal bridge under the road to support the road. But, we’ve laid down a road of rocks which have allowed us to let cars pass by one by one. We let the cars coming from Muse go first,” said a traffic police official from the Office of the No.20 Traffic Police.
In the time until the steal support bridge is completed, vehicles are being allowed to traverse the landslide stricken section of the road alternately in turns, with vehicles from Muse being along to pass for one hour before traffic coming up from Lashio is given a 15 minute window to cross.
“The road has been reopened since they finished laying the a diversion road of rocks and gravel upon which cars could cross. I think it’ll be a while until that section of the road is back to its original state, though.” said a driver traveling along the highway between Mandalay-Muse.
Traffic police have made it known that while the highway has been reopened, the landslide stricken section of the road has not yet been fully repaired, while efforts will reportedly be made to simultaneously finish constructing the steal support bridge and re-tarmac the damaged road.—Myitmakha News Agency


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