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February 26, 2018

Landslide dams pose no threat

A landslide dam in Chin State. Photo: Su Hnin Lei
A landslide dam in Chin State. Photo: Su Hnin Lei

Landslide dams, or lakes created by earth shifted by landslides, are common in Chin State. These dams pose a threat to nearby communities because they are prone to collapse, which causes flash floods. Recently, one big lake and four small lakes were created by landslides on the upper reaches of Twilone Creek, which flows into Yazagyol Dam through Nayinzayar Creek.
Seven people, including children, were killed by flooding and landslides in Chin State this summer. Donors and volunteers rushed to villages hit by landslides to provide victims with emergency shelters and food. Now, efforts are being made to relocate the victims to a forest reserve because their former villages are prone to landslides.
In addition to relief assistance, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement offered K100,000to each family that lost a member to the natural disasters.
Officials from the Irrigation Department who surveyed the landslide dams that formed in Chin State said the dams are not likely to collapse and do not pose a danger to local people. In the event of a collapse, the experts said, the water would flow through the spillways of the Yazagyol Dam.
Nonetheless, the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry taking measures to prevent thethe collapse of the landslide dams.


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