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September 22, 2018

Lackluster trading on YSX hit all-time low in October

A visitor looks at the electronic board showing the stock exchange rates at YSX. Photo: Phoe Khwar

Stock trading of four companies listed on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) reached all-time low of Ks1 billion in October since its establishment, according to monthly data released by YSX yesterday.
The figure plunged from September’s trading with estimated value of Ks1.8 billion. YSX failed to attract local stock traders even after publicity discussions, expo and educative talks of stock market. A year and half old YSX was bitterly criticized with cool market and dropping share prices of listed companies.
Currently, four companies_ First Myanmar Investment (FMI), Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH), Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) and First Private Bank (FPB) are currently trading their shares on YSX.
Last year, FMI traded shares worth over Ks 24 billion on YSX in March and over Ks5.8 billion in April.
With MTSH entering YSX on 20th May, stock trading values of FMI and MTSH estimated Ks 16 billion in May, over Ks 6.8 billion in June and over Ks 3.7 billion in July respectively.
After MCB was listed on YSX, the monthly stock trading values of FMI, MTSH and MCB were estimated over Ks2.9 billion in August, over Ks 2.4 billion in September, over Ks 4 billion in October and over Ks 2.2 billion in November.YSX stock trading reached a record low of only Ks1.5 billion in December.
With the debut of First Private Bank (FPB) on YSX, the stock trading of four listed companies in Jan and Feb 2017 hit over Ks 6billion and over Ks3.3 billion in March. April’s stock trading on YSX plummeted to Ks1.2 billion. Stock trading in May increased a bit with estimated value of Ks1.48 billion and so did the stock trading in June with trading values of Ks1.54 billion, according to the monthly report of YSX.
In July, stock trading estimated value of Ks1.37 billion, according to the statistics of YSX and it increased to Ks2.29 billion in August.
A total of 9,139 shares were traded by four listed companies yesterday, with estimated value of Ks47.6 million. The share prices at the closing time are Ks12,5000 for FMI, Ks3,200 for MTSH, Ks8,200 for MCB and Ks23,500 for FPB.


Ko Khant


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