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June 23, 2018

KOICA supports renovation to the School for Disabled Children in Mandalay

Mr. Kim Young Hyun visits School for Disabled Children.
Mr. Kim Young Hyun visits School for Disabled Children.

A SCHOOL for disabled children in Mandalay will be renovated soon with the assistance of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).
In order to improve its conditions and provide a better educational environment for children Mr. Kim Young Hyun, a World Friends Korea (WFK) Volunteer has planned the project with a given budget of $25,700 USD. The renovation project began in December of last year and will run until July.
The donation ceremony for the project was held yesterday at the school in Mandalay in the presence of Mr. Nam Kwon Hyoung, Chief resident representative KOICA Office in Myanmar, KOICA WFK-Volunteers and related people including teachers, officials and community representatives.
The School for Disabled Children, under the Department of Social Welfare was established to build up the physical and mental health of children with disabilities.  In spite of its presence the school environment was said to be inadequate for effective learning and dangerous due to there being an indistinct space between the play-area and the car parking area.
A safe play-area has been constructed and physical education facilities have been installed to provide a better learning environment for the children. Kitchen apparatuses were replaced and drainage holes were covered for the benefit and students and staff.


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