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October 19, 2018

Kites, related accessories sell well in Mandalay this season

 Photo: Taintaman
Photo: Taintaman

KITES and related accessories has been sold well in Mandalay as the demand for the handicraft has increased in domestic market since this October, according to local kite makers. In the region, flying kite is a tradition for children and young adults especially in the cold season. People can see some colourful kites on the sky over some parts of the town in every evening this season. One of kite flyers said: “Both urban and rural residents used to fly handmade kite in the field, playground and park. They run on the ground and fly kites together with their friends. People are happy and forget about stress when they fly kites. It is really good for health.”
The local kite makers normally produce four kinds of colourful paper kites as well as plastic kites. Kite makers mostly use bamboo to make kite frames and reels with handle on both sides that is used in flying a single line kite. In the domestic market, the small-sized kite is sold for Ks50 per head while the thread for kite has been sold for Ks1,700-Ks2,200 per package. Based on size and design, a reel with thread is worth between Ks500 and Ks3,500.—Taintaman


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