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February 26, 2018

KIA, MNDAA mortar shells land in China

Chinese authorities have recently informed their Myanmar counterparts of over a dozen heavy mortar shells from Myanmar that landed and exploded in Wantain and Manhai in the People’s Repblic of China.
Myanmar authorities immediately investigated the incidents and discovered that the KIA and MNDAA intentionally carried out the incidents with the aim of damaging the friendship between the two countries and the stability of the border areas, according to the Dirrectorate of Public Relations and Mental Welfare of the Ministry of Defence.
A total of thirteen shells fell on China, including eleven in Wantain and two in Manhai on 20 November. The resulting explosions injured at least one Chinese civilian, according to the ministry. Over 1,000 Myanmar nationals are taking refuge in Wantain and elsewhere in China, according to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.
Wantain is close to Kyukoke (Pangsang) and Manhai shares border with Mongkoe in Myanmar.
It was learnt that government troops and the police were stationed at bilaterally agreed distances from the boundary, but these posts came under heavy weapons fires from the KIA and the MNDAA on 21 November.
According to the findings of the investigation, the KIA and the MNDAA attacked the post from several directions. The multiple fighting fronts using heavy weapons led to landing of mortar shells into Chinese territory, the ministry said.
Findings have been sent to Chinese border authorities through leaders of border defence forces from both countries.—Myanmar News Agency


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