June 29, 2017

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Job Pride in Working Life

We must think, understand and respect wisely of the people who involve in different jobs according to their caliber, knowledge and skills. Even from the President’s job to undertaker’s job respectively, they do have their own job pride as they can handle or do their jobs properly and efficiently. We cannot superficially judge the jobs of others without knowing their functions. A proper system and technique are required to do for each job. If someone is qualified enough to handle the job, he would become a good staff or worker. Then he might take his or her job pride because he or she is confident to do the job correctly and efficiently. However, those who get gobs unfairly through nepotism or favoritism are in exception. In this very case, those who want to get the job on merit lose the chance of getting job indeed. Everyone involves in working life is entitled as very important persons or VIP of a certain society concerned. For example, the street cleaners or sweepers or garbage collectors are also very important persons as they contribute sanitation services to their society with their respective skill, knowledge and experience. Unless they do their jobs, the unhygienic, dirty, filthy and mucky situation will prevail in our environment. Who is going to do this job in place of them? We ought to respect and understand their jobs and positions. They take job pride and we all have to recognize that their jobs are also important and essential for the society concerned. Some silly people blindly or thoughtlessly or conceitedly judge that these jobs are unimportant or easy ones. How stupid their judge is!
Everybody holds the different nomenclatures or names of positions in working life. The main aim is to earn a living honestly. As saying goes; ‘Experience is the best master’, they move up the ladder in due course. Confidently, they take job pride in their working life. Job may vary according to the nature of work i.e. blue collar’s job, white collar’s job, administrator’s job, engineer’s job, housekeeper’s job and so on. They perform their duties and responsibilities actively. If some unscrupulous superiors of their unit or department or offices meddle in their job performance, the member of staff usually get frustrated with the superiors’ stupid behaviors. In this case, the behaviors of superiors are a detriment to smooth operations at the work place.
We all must respect to the people who are apt and dutiful in doing a particular work. The new or fresh university graduates seek suitable jobs, but it is fairly hard to find the right jobs related to their knowledge or major subjects acquired from universities or colleges. As soon as they are appointed, they are given on the job training. After some time, they are put to first-track scheme for promotion. Those who graduated from Technological Universities or Engineering colleges or Technical school or Institutes of medicines need apprenticeship or internship or some training for their respective jobs. Afterwards, they start working in their professions. Theoretical knowledge, practical training and practical experiences are the most essential requirements for work. Later, they attain work experiences in their professional fields indeed. As for them, they do the professional jobs in working life.
Everyone has to take job pride in working life not only for earning but also for valuing his own job. If the job is not involved in crime or immorality or injustice, we must value that job and take pride of it. That‘s our own dignity and prestige which are higher than the so-called higher rank positions. In working life, we may encounter with the persons who do not take job pride but try to take opportunity of grabbing the unfair way of moving up the ladder for promotions. They have no ability, no job pride and no spirit of team work. They usually fawn or lick the boots of the higher rank officials instead of trying to be outstanding employees. Those involve in odd jobs must overcome the inferiority complex and take job pride so that they can happily work in the working life.
Individually, people are involved in full-time job, part-time job, long term contracted job, short-term contracted jobs, temporary job and permanent job to make a living. Therefore, their earnings or remuneration or honorariums cannot be the same. Nevertheless, they take job pride because they all are engaged in decent job assignments and they are confident in their ability to do the job properly. For example, the model fire fighters, model factory workers and the model road traffic police take pride in their jobs and they are very dutiful and efficient. They should be given merit awards for outstanding work. Some jobs are grossly indecent, the persons who do those jobs feel guilty psychologically and they do not take job pride. There are various jobs in human society. Among them, those who work as freelancers or service providers can earn variable payment. Their earning is not fixed yet, but their average earning is greater than the average earning of the staff. They do have own pride for their professional jobs. A Myanmar maxim says: ‘If a person does a decent job, he or she can be proud of it.’ In fact, every position is prestigious, from top to bottom in an office or a factory or a government agencies e.g. from the job of an errand boy to the job of a manager. Prestige lies in the good the conduct of workers or staff or managers in the respective government agencies concerned. Furthermore, the usages; ‘job with low prestige and job with high prestige’ are actually used for discrimination in bureaucratic mechanism. Nowadays, these phrases are no longer used in any organization in the advanced society. However, if a staff or a manager commits malpractice or corruption, he or she is in low prestige personally.Ineptitude of the staff in handling their jobs could be solved by giving them proper training. This is not a big problem. What matter most is to motivate them to take job pride in working life for their personal prosperity and the progress of the organization concerned.
The conceited persons or the persons who lick the superiors’ boots in the government agencies must pay attention to the following; —
Do not despise the job holders whose job positions are lower than yours. No matter who you are and what you are, you must understand and know about the jobs of others. Apart from your job, you do not meticulously or precisely know about the jobs of others since you are lack of knowledge about them. You cannot do their jobs properly indeed. You, the conceited person cannot work alone and you must depend on your subordinates for the entirety of the department or corporation or corporate or agencies etc. For example, the position holders such as Director General, Managing Director, CEO, and General Manager Deputy Managers are the ones who cannot work alone and they are a part of human resources indeed. Moreover, even you cannot say that you are important, smarter and superior than others. In this case, don’t say personal pride and show off boastfully. You must be tamed by yourself in order to realize that you are not a flawless person. You must bear in mind that you are just one of the members of the staff for carrying out the team work. You are not superman! Don’t think highly of yourself, but think highly of your subordinates’ capability, cooperation and support which enable you to accomplish the tasks successfully. Actually, job pride in working life implies that you are not to be proud of your job position but to be proud of your caliber, skill and experience in doing your job. Also you are not supposed to display your good qualities boastfully or blow your own trumpet. The expression; “I know everything” is the slogan of fools! Don’t assume that your work is the best. Having too much pride in yourself and what you do can be detrimental to both you and your corporation concerned. Take a job pride and do your job efficiently and excellently in working life!!!


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