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February 28, 2018

Jade dealers from Mandalay Jade Purchasing & Selling Depot In demonstration

Jade dealers peacefully participating in the demonstration.
Jade dealers peacefully participating in the demonstration.

Some 300 jade dealers from Mandalay jade purchasing and selling depot took part in demonstration at 9 am on October 29, shouting slogans comprising five demands including stopping jade drilling ad infinitum, due to the continual market drop, under the official permission of the authority concerned, it is learnt.
According to U Than Win, the leader of the demonstration, jades are now being produced by drilling using heavy machineries, plus being smuggled out of the country via illegal routes. For this the market is out of order, but authorities neglected the current situation. Dealers at the bottom level are now in trouble.
The slogans include stopping jade drilling temporarily, abolishing the law on jewelry amended for second time, blocking illegal smuggling and transferring authorities including director-general and director of the department.



Aung Thant Khaing


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