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February 26, 2018

It is easier said than done, but we must change!

By Khin Maung Oo

Undeniably, every individual, especially each and every one of us who had ever experienced misfortunes wants a good change. So as to liberate ourselves out of the shadow of a bad system or society, we must try ourselves to make a move. “Nothing venture, nothing win,” as the saying goes. Much as we may face difficulties on our way of changing to the new goal, our concerted efforts will take us to our destination one day or another, on one condition that we must have a good leader so that the latter can lead us to a brighter world we hoped for as soon as possible. For saying so, it cannot be assumed that the whole duty of bringing about the brighter world is to be left to the leader. At the same time, a leader must have good and obedient followers. In fact, we are all followers.
After living in fear for several decades under the suppression of the previous governments, we tried to be free from them out of our firm determination. Now, we have good leaders and a democratic government we had hoped for. We had been and will be ready to follow and support our government. As known by all, a pile of bad legacies were left to the current government, which will have yet to take much time to solve these. Apart from vested interests of the old system that will blame, find faults with, severely criticize and harm us and our community in one way or another, we must all get ready to contribute our labors in building up a bright future for our younger generation. Plus, we are responsible for persuading them to join us. In a short period of time the country saw many changes. Who will deny it? We and they themselves are beginning to enjoy the fruits of our efforts to change. They may be well convinced that unprecedented changes will be accomplished in a few years to come, and they will be willing to join us. For saying so, we need not call them those who would like to jump into the band-wagon. As a matter of fact, we are all in the same boat.
Here, I would like to remind ourselves that we as well need to change our dirty or adulterated minds and mindsets, which were stained with bad habits and spirits because of living in the dirty society, for ages. Selfishness, egoism, ultra-opportunism, one-upmanship etc., are inter alia among the evil habits. Had we blamed others without abandoning ours, the three fingers would point at ourselves in return. It may be easier said than done. However, by following the path laid down by our leaders, let us give up our old habits and change our mindsets for the sake of our offspring to build a just, peaceful and prosperous nation.


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