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February 26, 2018

Is equitable development a reality?

There is a natural propensity for people to lead an easy life with the vague idea that the government is solely responsible for the equitable development of individual citizens. The reality, however, is that no political system is capable of providing a magic formula for higher socioeconomic status. We ourselves are the creators of our own fate. Since nobody is destined to failure, we have ourselves to blame for our own failed lives.
It takes only a cursory glance at the notion that all men are created equal to convince us that these people should have been raised differently. Creation ends at birth. We are left with the innate obligation to cultivate the virtues of love, understanding, respect, trust and industry, which are the essential prerequisites for prosperity. It goes without saying that hard work is of the essence in creating prosperity.
However, the government is required to take the utmost caution to ensure that no community bears the burden of social deprivation and discrimination likely to stem from its industrial and commercial operations and its development policies as well. The government should exert its efforts on social integration to pave the way for social mobility. In addition, local governments should provide the residents with opportunities to participate in the decision-making processes that can affect their communities. All things considered, equitable development requires equitable efforts among individuals at all levels of society.


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