July 04, 2017

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Is a new political culture taking root in Myanmar?

The culture of settling differences through dialogue is beginning to break its thick, hard shell and sprout into Myanmar politics.
The union government has been proud of initiating this new political culture. It has been trying to settle political disputes with ethnic groups through political dialogue, though fighting continues in some areas of the country, denying internally displaced persons in those areas of the country the fruits of the nationwide ceasefire.
The president and the commander-in-chief of the military met with the leader of the party that won a landslide victory in the general election. Although no details are available to the public, as usual, it official press releases say the parties all vowed to cooperate in the interests of the country and the people during the transfer of power from the current government to the next one.
Generally speaking, this is good news for all and an important step for the country. However, dialogue should enable the public to enjoy the benefits of the outcomes of these processes.
Political analysts and journalists may be curious to know the details. For the public, the details may be too difficult or too academic to understand. Therefore, it is important that the public be able to enjoy the benefits of Myanmar’s progress, though we will have to wait for these outcomes to take shape.
For the public, the result is more important than knowing the details of the process. Only when the people can enjoy the fruits of this new political dialogue will the new political culture be able to take root in Myanmar.


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