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June 26, 2019

Inya Lake to receive blue heritage plaque

Sailing yachts on the Inya Lake in Yangon. Photo: Supplied

Inya Lake, which is one of the popular recreational areas for Yangonities, has been included in the list of places that will receive a blue heritage plaque, said Daw Moe Moe Lwin, Director of Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT).
“Currently, we have already added Inya Lake to the list to receive the blue heritage plaque. We have planned to order eight blue heritage plaques. We will do so after negotiating with the Yangon government authorities,” she said.
Inya Lake is an important resource in Yangon. Also, it is essential for the Yangon Region to absorb carbon dioxide. Many trees and animals species are found here.
However, most parts of the lake are inaccessible to the public. There are many tall buildings around the lake. Therefore, the public has access to only 0.75 miles now. Earlier, the Inya Lake was a small artificial lake. The lake was created by the British as a water reservoir between 1882 and 1883 to provide water supply to the Yangon, when the population increased after 1880. It is one of the largest lakes in the Yangon Region, according to data collected by the YHT.
In 1884, the water from Inya Lake was transported to Kandagyi Lake, near downtown Yangon, by pipe and cable connections .
“By installing the blue heritage plaque, people who don’t know the history of the lake will learn about it, ” she added.
The YHT will record the more than 3,000 ancient buildings, natural features, roads, open land spaces in the nine townships of the Yangon Region.
The YHT, which is a non-governmental organisation, made the suggestion when the government set up the policy to implement an urban development project.
YHT blue plaques are already installed in 20 significant places, including the General Post Office, Yangon General Hospital, Basic Education High School No. (1) Dagon and Mahabandula Park.


By May Thet Hnin


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