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June 06, 2018

Indian Texperts to cooperate with Myanmar garment factories

Workers at a production line of a garment factory in Hlinethaya Industrial Zone in Yangon.
Workers at a production line of a garment factory in Hlinethaya Industrial Zone in Yangon.

INDIAN technological company Textperts is gearing up to establish trade links with Myanmar garment entrepreneurs, according to the India Daily News Agency.
Indian garment businesspeople have planned to open the door to cooperate with Myanmar businesses through the trade exhibition which will be held this coming June. Texperts, which runs successful and well established garment factories based in India, has already planned to join the trade expo which will be held from 24 to 27 June, it has been learned.
Companies from 14 countries are known to be planning to join the trade expo causing some experts to predict that the event will bring a range of benefits to the garment business sector in Myanmar. This year’s expo is expected to be attended by over 9,000 businesspeople from Myanmar and abroad.
Texperts is an international textile sourcing and marketing organisation which offers its services to garment industry businesses.It is expected that Texperts will attempt to extend their business dealings by making agreements with garment factories based in Myanmar.
Myanmar also has the opportunity to prosper by entering into cooperation with the Indian garment sector as they aim to boost garment trade, requiring the assistance of international business firms.
The garment industry plays an important role in the development of the export trade. Improving the garment sector can encourage the economic development of the country, said a number of economic experts.


PPN/Union daily


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