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February 27, 2018

Indaw’s ‘earth wave’ not connected with Sagaing Fault Line: seismologists

Members of Myanmar’s earthquake committee at work. Photo: Maung Chit Lin
Members of Myanmar’s earthquake committee at work. Photo: Maung Chit Lin

Seismologists have said that a one-metre high earth formation that sprouted across the Indaw-Bamauk Road near Indaw Township is not connected to the Sagaing fault line.
After conducting a survey in the site yesterday, a member of a Myanmar earthquake committee said that the landslides at Kyargaung Mountain and the formation of the earth wave were caused by torrential rains in July and August.
Large volumes of rain sank into the mountain, causing the weight of the land to increase and result in a landslide. The same situation caused the formation of an ‘earth wave’ on the road near the mountain, said committee member Dr Saw Ngwe Khaing.
It could take one or two years for the land to stablise, he added.
A one-metre high earth formation was apparently due to shifting underground faults. The formation has become a traffic obstacle and has created anxiety among the local people, who refer to the formation as an ‘earth wave’.
The area also suffered torrential rains and landslides in July.
“Landslides are happening nearly every day and it has been found that the road has moved significantly over the last 10 to 15 days.  The earth wave on the road is getting bigger and bigger,” said Ma Yu from Aunggon Village.
The mountain where the landslides are occurring seem to inching closer to the road, she added.
Vehicles passing the mile post No 203 reported that the height of the earth wave has grown to a height of about three feet within a week, said U Aung Kyi, a resident of Thakkekyin Village.
Local people are anxious about the unusual formations, particularly in the wake of an earthquake measuring on 4.6 Richter scale that struck near Indaw Township on 11 October.—Maung Chit Lin


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