September 23, 2017

Inclusive participation of all peoples is of utmost importance in creating a modern, developed democracy

The following is the message sent by President Agga Maha Thayay Sithu, Agga Maha Thiri Thudhamma U Thein Sein on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Kayin State Day which falls on 7 November 2015.


Esteemed national brethren in Kayin State,
It is a great honour to extend my warm greetings to all Kayin national brethren on the 60th anniversary of Kayin State Day, which falls on 7 November.
Shortly after Myanmar won its independence in 1948, the country’s parliament put the designation of Kayin State for Kayin nationals in the formation of states and regions on top of its agenda.
Thanlwin district was designated Kayin State according to the Constitutional Amendment Act of 1951. Kayin State extended as far as Kya-In-Seik Kyi, Kawkareik, Hlaingbwe, Hpa-an and Thandaung townships in accordance with the Kayin State Extension Act of 1952. Later, Myawady, a township at the foot of Mount Dawna, was included in Kayin State’s territory, which is now made up of seven
townships— Hpa-an, Papun, Hlaingbwe, Thandaung, Kawkareik, Kya-In-Seikkyi and Myawady. The President of State signed the Constitutional Amendment Act of 1951 on 7 November. In commemoration of that
historic event, Kayin State Day has been observed every year ever since.
We have seen that post-independence political instability sparked armed conflicts. Now is the time to enjoy peaceful coexistence among our national brethren by drawing on lessons based on bitter experiences.
A series of peace talks focused on ending more than 60 years of armed conflict culminated in the signing of a nationwide ceasefire agreement with eight ethnic armed organisations on 15 October 2015. I am delighted that three armed organisations based in Kayin State signed the historical agreement.
Divisions among ethnic groups gave rise to armed conflicts, which have thwarted regional development and left local people in hard times. Peace is now starting to bear fruit in the region, with significant opportunities for development arising as a result. It is therefore necessary for local people to work together with the government to seize the opportunities that remained elusive for so long.
The inclusive participation of all of Myanmar peoples is of utmost importance in creating a modern, developed democracy. The government is committed to infrastructural development on all fronts, including sectors such as transportation, education, human resources, infrastructure, health and the economy. I would like to request all Kayin nationals to collectively contribute to and closely cooperate in the process.


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