July 01, 2017

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Incinerator aims to clean up Kyaukphyu’s streets

Incinerator aims to clean up Kyaukphyu’s streets.
Incinerator aims to clean up Kyaukphyu’s streets.

TESTS to burn rubbish in the Rakhine State town of Kyaukphyu with an incinerator will be reportedly be conducted in the coming days, said a member of staff of the of Duwun Kyai Free Funeral Services Society (FFSS) of Kyaukphyu.
Preparations by the civil society organisation to carry out the, now imminent, tests reportedly begun back in January of this year to install a rubbish incinerator, worth K40 million, nearby the Kyaukphyu cemetery. Donated by the Korean Daewoo Company, the installation of the rubbish incinerator has since been completed.
“We’ll incur all the expenses for the rubbish incinerator test. Only then will we be able to estimate daily costs [of running the machine]. Talks will then need to be held with local residents, the Kyaukphyu Township Development Committee (KTDC) and Daewoo Company to keep the incinerator operational,” said U Maung Maung Aung, chair of the Duwun Kyai FFSS.
The two rubbish trucks of the KTDC collect between 12-14 tons of rubbish a week, produced by ten wards in and around the town, before dumping them beside the road near the cemetery and local fish farm, the development committee has made known.
“Burning rubbish with an incinerator is a good thing. For now, rubbish just piles up by the side of the road, ruining the image of our town,” said a local resident.
The incinerator can reportedly burn up around 4 tonnes of rubbish a day, according to the Duwun Kyai FFSS.


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