September 23, 2017

Imported beauty products and mobile phones from China fall in price after anti-smuggling body disbanded

THE disbanding of anti-smuggling mobile teams from border trade points on the Myanmar-China boarder has resulted in a decline in the price of beauty products and mobile phones, according to traders.
“Those exporting beauty products or mobile phones through the Muse boarder trade route in the past used to really get screwed. If it was a beauty product, then there would be all these extra-charges for no reason. So, those products which incurred all these charges would be then subsequently be sold for a high price. As those goods inspectors have been removed, not only is travel quicker, but a mobile phone that would have cost 50,000 kyats before can now be sold for a reduced price of 30,000 kyats.” exclaimed Ko Zeyar, a trader of products to Lashio and other regions. The anti-smuggling teams used to specifically arrest those importing mobile phones and beauty products. Now, in their absence, transportation of these goods has become easier, while the price which there are sold at has fallen.
“Ah, if it was Chinese then it would be confiscated. If it was a hand phone, everything would be confiscated. Those hand phones which weren’t appropriated would then need to be sold for a higher price in order to make up for the loss of capital on the phones.” said a mobile phone trader, Ko Ahpanar. The food safety security and anti-smuggling enforcement mobile teams were completely disbanded with an official order from the President’s Office on December 30, 2015. A letter was issued from the President’s Office dated December 30, 2015 which instructed all mobile teams situated across the country to step down, over three years after the anti-smuggling enforcement committee originally started its operations.—Myitmakha News Agency


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