September 23, 2017

Implementation of Tamabin electric river pumping project almost finished

Villagers gather at Tamapin River Pumping Project to fetch water.  Photo: Min Htet Aung
Villagers gather at Tamapin River Pumping Project to fetch water.
Photo: Min Htet Aung

NEWLY electric river pumping project named Tamabin which is being implemented in Myittha Township of Kyaukse District in Mandalay Region is 85 per cent complete, said U Maung Naing, head of Water Resources Utlization Department.
Formerly, the department supplied agricultural water across the region through diesel water pumping system, which initiated in 1996-1997 fiscal year and stopped in 2007.
Changing from diesel to electric pumping is aimed at developing the socio economic status of farmers in the region by increasing agricultural food production.
Efficient use of water in agriculture is the major needs of the farmers.  To fulfil their requirements, the new project designed to provide water at affordable cost for people started in 2015-2016 with the funds of by Mandalay Region government.
“Currently, we obtain water using diesel engine from Samone River to grow onion and chilli. The total expenses for diesel pumping including fees for rental engine normally cost between K200,000 (US$154) and K300,000 ($232),” said farmer U Hla Aung.
“The former system creates some troubles to take water from the river to cultivation areas. Some plantations which are far from the river mainly rely on rainfall.” “We are planning to distribute agricultural water to 100 acres of farmlands in coming summer with the use of the new pumping system,” said U Maung Naing.
“The project will benefit 450 acres of farmlands across the region after it finished.”— Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)


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