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June 23, 2018

ILO to support SMEs in Myanmar

A woman seen working at a small enterprise.
A woman seen working at a small enterprise.

THE International Labour Organisation (ILO) is planning to assist in training instructors for management teaching courses for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), it has been learned.
Nine trainers were selected from 60 qualified trainer-applicants who have received the Master Trainer Certificate given by ILO. They will conduct business management teaching courses for SME entrepreneurs to effectuate the development of their businesses.
The long-term objective of ILO is to produce local skilled trainers who can help entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. It is the main purpose of the SIYB programme.  “We are so delighted to have found the awe-inspiring master trainers to take these responsibilities”, said Michael Jamar, the technical senior counselor of ILO’s SME.
The courses will provide management training described in the context of SYIB, and ILO has provided the management course to over 17,000 trainers. The international context and teaching assistances are changed to be in accord with the current economic climate, aiding the transition into Myanmar.   The training methods employed will have a direct interaction with the trainees, including the practical applied courses. This course will help the trainees develop their market strategies and help them to create new opportunities.
The programme will start in the middle of 2017 with the assistance of Norwegian Agency For Development Co-operation (NORAD) and the Swiss State Secretariat For Economic Affairs (SECO).
Entrepreneurs from SME can contact the trainers  via this website and this Facebook page “Start and Improve Your Business”.



KMK/Union Daily


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